Saturday, April 26, 2008

oh the cougars.

this is my story.
i hate the cougar stamp. recently i rec'vd a save the date from a dear friend. what a lovely one it was. two birds on a branch. you couldn't please this mosey girl more. i flipped it over for the details and bam. there it was. the ugly, oddly blue, cougar stamp. i though to myslef then: couldn't they have picked a better stamp!
boy was i wrong.
the cougar is the ONLY postcard postage proper stamp they make. it took me 3 trips to various post offices and a phone call to make sure. my save the dates went unsent for days while i dilemma-ed over this. dismayed really. all the work that went into making them - all for a lousy cougar postage stamp.
call me crazy. i know my mom and alex already did. but i wasn't giving up that fast.
i went to the local post and inquired:
now what combinations do you have that make up 26 cents?
oh, yes i see.
hmm a clock, a teapot and a bird.
do you have enough to equal 140 twenty six cent stamps?

oh- they did.
and they even came in there very own glassine envelope.


jenifer74 said...

you couldn't get more perfect than a clock, a teapot, and a bird!!

mosey handmade said...

thanks jenifer!!!!