Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

hey hey hey! you wrote-hooray and yehs!

woah girly..i have been checking the blog but didn't see your post until tonight..tricky!!!
so i think you are right on about the periwinkle winning out over the orange.
as far as green - i love my backround color..which i always refer to as 'lite sage'..
the sewing room at my old house
my fave duvet
and my 2008 planner..
..but actually i was thinking a bit the stem of something growing...
too abstract?! i know...i'm still looking for the perect GREEN! will post soon.

miss you like CRAZY too.
heart you.
heart our new bloggy-blog.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

fyi ps.

loving the lanterns as well. it looks very soft and nice outside. good thinking.

little j said to big j....

number one. i love the cake! veryyy purrrdy.
number two. i cant decide between periwinkle and orange. but i think im going for periwinkle. i like it with the green.
number three. is the green youre talking about like the background? cause i like that one alot.
number four. okay crafty mc crafterson. i like alot of the j crew dresses...i like...the silk taffetta ballerina one, the sophia short dress, the janey dress and a little bit the sarah cotton one..hmm we'll have to further investigate those.
number five. i like this blogspot deal. its fun :)

missing youuuu terribly in 2008.
lets talk soon.

much much sisterly love.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

oh- and

cute j.crew bridesmaid styles...we could make 'em!

lights and lanterns

and i love the look and feel of the paper warm and lovley!

umm .or green and periwinkle?

hey lil' jay!

so i'm thinking a really cool green..trying to find a good picture of it, and a cool orange to go along with it!
think orange tulips....

woodland marzipan cake!

this is the one i was telling you all about!