Monday, May 5, 2008

handmade registry.

i was really humming and hawing over my registry. the martha in me wanted to register all proper with place settings and linens and a few kitchen gadgets. but something didn't feel right/ something was nagging at me. it just didn't seem to fit in with our eco-friendly diy wedding approach.
leave it to my beloved's shock and awe of the registry process to declare: i just thought you'd have a handmade gifts list.
a handmade gift list i repeated to myself.
yes- by job- that . is . it!
(yes, he is a gentle genius).
i looked around at wists and a few others and then decided to just set us up an etsy account and start picking favorites.
on our wedding blog we have link to our favorites page and viole:
all etsy.
all handmade and vintage.
all goodness!
i was smiling the entire night whilst clicking away and 'adding' to my favorites.
i love handmade-it has been so good to me.